Understanding the importance of centering underrepresented voices, ARTivism is committed to the pursuit of a more equitable society. By using virtual, interdisciplinary performances to generate proceeds for charitable causes, we empower artists from all walks of life to contribute to social progress as we raise awareness of societal issues.

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What do we hope to accomplish?


Monet is currently pursuing her Master’s in Performing Arts Administration at New York University. She is passionate about fighting for inclusivity in the classical music world, her cat Noodle, and eating carbs.


Mason Spencer


As a strong advocate for new music, violist Mason Spencer is dedicated to expanding the breadth of the classical canon through commissions and performance. His passion for works that represent multiple voices has led to collaborations with the Chopin Institute and an appearance at the inaugural Patreon Assembly in LA, with performances at Indiana University with the New Music Ensemble and a variety of chamber ensembles.


Makenna Bach


As a composer and cellist, Makenna wants to collaborate primarily with underrepresented groups in the film, game, and performance industries. She is based in Portland, OR., and loves movies and pizza; especially together.

Amplify ~ Educate ~ Fundraise

Support charities: ARTivism has raised more than $2,000 in total so far for the  Black Trans Advocacy, the Loveland Foundation, and the California Environmental Justice Alliance. 

Curate and share resources for artists: At ARTivism, we strive to be a place that artists can turn to for information and inspiration. We post many resources to our social media outlets and aim to partner with other organizations that share the same goals.

Host online concerts: ARTivism has held multiple online concerts, featuring many forms of art including poetry, music, dance, and vegetable artwork. We put a focus on involving underrepresented artists and their artwork.


Meet The Team

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A composer, harpist, and multimedia artist based in Bloomington, IN., Ari strives to dismantle traditional accessibility barriers in music and to diversify both the stage and audience. He also loves tennis and baking!


Anna is currently pursuing her Masters in viola performance at the University of Denver. She is also a graduate teaching assistant in music theory and an ethnomusicology research assistant for community music. 

Gracie Carney

Anna Mach

Ari Schwartz

Monet Takeda

Markia Nicole


Gracie is currently pursuing a Performance Diploma at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of music where she recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music as the Leonard Bernstein Fellow. She has a passion for performing contemporary music, and founded ARTivism in 2020.